About Us
My Mum had always sewn my clothes, unbeknown to me sewing was in my DNA. After my Mother passing away in 1988 I began my own sewing journey. With my husband Barry by myside I learnt how to sew from beginner to advanced sewing. Making things such as heirloom, swimwear and lingear. I purchased the first embroidery machine that came into Singleton. I have gone from strength to strength and after 25 years of embroidering I still love what I do and will continue to do so.
My husband was the one that originally inspired me to persue this path, he has been with me through thick and thin learning to run the machines from embroidering hats to making badges to be sewn onto items and helping out where ever else he can. He has truely been a corner stone in helping me do what I do.
My eldest son is the one responsible for running the machines and turning your pictures into stitches. This process is called digitizing. He began digitizing at the age of 11 on a domestic software mearly tinkering and after awhile honed his skills and started digitizing at an industrial level not just for myself but also for other businesses around Australia
My second son Brendon helps with the running of the machines and does deliveries for me, He helps with the large jobs as well.
My youngest son has helped us with the embroidery machines as well. Helping with large jobs as much as he can.
Ladybird Machine Embroidery